A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Made for the GameMaker'sToolkit 2017 Jam

In Boomballoon you play as one of two battling pirate kitties, trying to pop each other's balloons that are keeping you aloft above the evil water below. 

Your balloon is always inflating, so let out air periodically to dive in for attack, swoop into an item to help you, get more manoeuvrability or avoid incoming birds! If you quickly tap the same button, you can throw a pineapple at your enemy if you've collected one! Don't let your balloon get too full though, it can easily burst!

Nanao McKay
Art and design, sound effects

Daniel Scott
Programming and design, music, sound effects

Aaron Middleton
Guest music, playtesting


Boomballoon Windows RC2 15 MB
Boomballoon Mac RC2 18 MB